Waterous Company

Waterous has been making quality, American-Made firefighting related products since 1886. 

THEN —  Waterous made complete apparatus including horse-drawn, steam-driven hose carts until 1929 when the focus changed to manufacture the best fire pumps in the world. 

NOW —  Waterous still builds revolutionary fire suppression systems and holds true to the philosophy “Cast, Machine, Assemble and Test our pumps in America.” 

ALWAYS — Count on Waterous to provide you with the utmost in quality products and customer service. 

MOVING FORWARD — 130 Years of history, Waterous remembers our distinguished history but it takes looking to the future to be successful. Moving forward, Waterous promises to be the standard for the industry in generating new ideas, new products and new innovations.n products, equipment and services.

Visit http://www.waterousco.com for more information.

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