Mike McEvoy, PhD, NRP, RN, CCRN

EMS Coordinator, Saratoga County, New York, Executive Editor for JEMS

Mike McEvoy, PhD, NRP, RN, CCRN is the EMS Coordinator for Saratoga County, NY and a nurse clinician in the cardiovascular surgical ICU at Albany Medical Center.  He is the Executive Editor for the Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS.com) and EMS Editor for Fire Engineering.  Mike is a paramedic supervisor for Clifton Park & Halfmoon Ambulance and the chief medical officer for West Crescent Fire Dept.  He authored the textbook Firefighter Rehabilitation and Medical Monitoring, now in it’s second edition and is the lead author of Critical Care Transport, the InforMed pocket guides and Pediatric Education for Prehospital Professionals textbook.  In his free time, Mike is an avid hiker and winter mountaineer.​

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