Rescues at Manhattan Box 0854

Engine Company 54 transmits the urgent message for fire out the windows of a five-story multiple dwelling.
(THEMAJESTIRIUM1 and Skyler Fire, YouTube)

Fire out the windows and a person on the fire escape


Here you will see early arrival, raw footage, of the FDNY battling a quick moving second-alarm fire in a multiple dwelling on West 50th Street in the Hell’s Kitchen area of Manhattan in New York City.

Skyler Fire

Box 0854, 401 West 50th Street

9th Avenue and 10th Avenue

Fire on the third floor of a five-story multiple dwelling.

Apt. 2B

MD 5 STRY 20×80 CL3

Engine 54 gave the urgent for a fire out windows

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SIG 7-5
E054 E023 E065 E026
L004 T021 L002F
RS01 SQ18
BC09 BC08
DC03 RA01

SPECIAL CALLED – Extra Engine & Truck
E034 T035

SIG 2-2 2nd Alarm
E008 E040 E001
E009T ST01
BC07 BC06R BC10S
RB01 SB01 RM01
TS01 CT01 FC01

SPECIAL CALLED – 2 Extra Trucks – 0144
L016 T012

PWH – 0154 – Duration 35 minutes

SPECIAL CALLED – 1 Battalion – 0204

Under Control – 0213 – Duration 54 minutes

SPECIAL CALLED – 1 Engine 1 Ladder for Watch Line
E??? L???

Engine 47 Act. Engine 54
Engine ??? Act. Engine 65
Engine 292 Act. Engine 23
Ladder 136 Act. Ladder 24
Ladder 3 Act. Ladder 2
Tower Ladder 22 Act. Tower Ladder 35
Battalion 16 Act. Battalion 9
Battalion 45 Act. Battalion 7
Battalion 14 Act. Battalion 8
Squad 288 to Rescue 1

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