Injured Georgia Firefighter Recounts House Fire Rescue

(DeKalb County Fire Rescue, Facebook)

DeKalb County firefighter pulled from burning house

FirefighterNation Staff

DEKALB COUNTY, Georgia – Dekalb County firefighter Viv Evans told FOX5 Atlanta how she was injured while was battling a townhouse fire in Stone Mountain and that she knew without a doubt her coworkers would get her out.

Firefighter Evans was inside only for a few minutes when she went down.

“When I turned, my leg went snap and I fell backward on top of my pack,” Evans told FOX5.

Helmet cam video shows Firefighter Chase Rawlins pulling her from the structure.

Once Evans was turned over to EMS personnel, Rawlins went back inside to fight the fire.

Evans said she tore her ACL and other ligaments in her knee.

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