Firefighters Rescue Man Trapped in California Brush Fire

Bloomington vegetation fire surrounds elderly man

ONSCENE TV – 09.23.2019 | 5:36 PM | BLOOMINGTON – Firefighters rescued a man who was injured and surrounded by flames from a fire in a backyard, Monday afternoon.

Authorities responded to reports of a brush fire burning behind a home near the intersection of Locust Avenue and Mindanao Street around 5:36 PM.

Units arriving on scene located a fire burning in thick vegetation with an elderly man surrounded by the flames.

Crews quickly worked to rescue the man while extinguishing the fire.


Firefighter paramedics treated the man on scene before transporting him to an area hospital with burn injuries.

Access to the fire was complicated by numerous debris in the backyard and at least one vehicle burned in the fire.

The victim told firefighters he was attempting to start his lawn mower when it backfired and caught brush on fire.

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