California Grandmother Crawls into House Fire, Saves Neighbor

76-year-old grandmother crawls into a burning home in East Chula Vista to save her neighbor.
A Chula Vista grandmother saves a neighbor from a burning home. (ABC 10 News, YouTube)

76-year old Marty felt around and grabbed an ankle

FirefighterNation Staff

EAST CHULA VISTA, California – KGTV reports that a Chula Vista grandmother is a hero after saving her neighbor in a house fire.

76-year old Marty was driving home from her daughter’s house when she noticed her neighbor’s home was engulfed in flames.

Marty first started banging on the side of the mobile home, trying to get the two people inside to come out.

A man came out and said there was a woman still inside. Marty then crawled into the home to look for her neighbor.

The home was full of smoke, but Marty was able to find the woman’s ankle. She says she stood up and pulled the woman by her clothes, dragging the tow of them outside.

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