Rescuers Save All 12 Boys, Coach from Flooded Thai Cave

All 12 boys and their soccer coach have been rescued from a flooded cave in northern Thailand, the Thai navy SEALs said Tuesday, ending an 18-day ordeal that riveted people around the world.

Firefighters Respond to Paducah (KY) Truck into Building

Jeremy Rifflard shares a response by Paducah (KY) firefighters and rescue team members to an incident in which a pickup truck crashed into an abandoned store.

Elevator Rescue: Swing Door

In a new segment of Training Minutes on elevator rescue,  Mike Dragonetti reviews the characteristics of an older style of elevator door that firefighters may encounter.

Woman Rescued in New York Building Collapse

Woman Rescued in New York Building Collapse

A woman was trapped for several hours by the collapse of three buildings in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Holmatro Quick Cuts: Rapid Dash Lift

In this new Holmatro Quick Cuts video, Steve White of Advanced Rescue Solutions and company show how to use the Holmatro Combi-Tool to perform a rapid dash lift for vehicle extrication.

Firefighters Rescue Woman from Poughkeepsie (NY) Building Collapse

Tuesday morning officials are working to clear the debris after a building collapsed on Academy Street in Poughkeepsie and trapped a woman for several hours. Authorities say a vacant seven-story building at 19 Academy Street partially collapsed, falling onto 17 and 15 Academy Street and causing 15 -- a three-story building -- to collapse as well.

Six Injured in Daytona Roller Coaster Derailment

Front car of a Daytona roller coaster carrying four passengers came off the track.

Staten Island to Get Its Own FDNY Squad Company

CITY HALL -- After years of being the only borough without its own specialized FDNY squad company, Staten Island is on its way to getting a $3.1 million boost to get a company of its own.

Allentown, PA Box Alarm, Person Trapped

Allentown, Pennsylvania firefighters respond to a house fire and person reportedly trapped on the second floor.

Mother, Daughter Rescued in Maryland House Fire

A mother and daughter were rescued from a house fire in Suitland, Maryland early Monday morning.

Maryland EMT Saves Suicidal Woman

A 33-year veteran EMT from the Laurel Rescue Squad saved a woman who was apparently just seconds away from jumping off a bridge.

Rescues at Philadelphia Apartment Fire

Crews arrived to find several people trapped on the third floor.

Acts of Valor Recognized at 149th Annual FDNY Medal Day

Notable medal recipients include, Lieutenant Michael J. Conboy of Rescue Company 3 who received the James Gordon Bennett Medal and NYS Honorary Fire Chiefs Association Medal for saving a young child and another individual trapped in a fire in the Bronx.

Time Running Out for Rescues in Guatemala

Emergency crews pulled more bodies from what remained of villages devastated by the eruption of Guatemala's Volcano of Fire on Wednesday, but time was quickly running out to find survivors as the confirmed death toll rose to 99 with nearly 200 still missing.

Guatemala Volcano Ravages Entire Families

Two days after the eruption, the terrain was still too hot in many places for rescue crews to search for bodies or — increasingly unlikely with each passing day — survivors.

Firefighters Search for Survivors of Guatemala Volcano Eruption

Rescuers used heavy machinery and shovels Monday to search for survivors or victims of an eruption at Guatemala's Volcano of Fire, and residents said they were caught unaware by fast-moving pyroclastic flows that killed at least 25 people and left authorities fearing the toll could go higher.

Mother, Child Rescued from Boston Blaze

Firefighters rescue two from the third floor of a burning apartment building in Dorchester.

French President Rewards Migrant Hero with Firefighter Job Offer

Gassama climbed five stories up the apartment building, moving from balcony to balcony, and whisked a 4-year-old boy to safety on Saturday night as a crowd below screamed.

Training Minutes: Options for Elevator Operations

In a new segment of Training Minutes on elevator rescue, Mike Dragonetti and company review some alternative methods for obtaining access to elevators, including the use of various pick tools.

San Diego Technical Rescue

17-year-old girl was walking down a cliffside trail when she slipped and fell approx 15ft.

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