Fire Prevention and Education

Fourth Child Dies in New Jersey House Fire

A fourth child has died following a New Jersey house fire that earlier claimed the lives of three youngsters and injured several other occupants and firefighters.

Community Relations

Jim Crawford looks at the often-overlooked effort in CRR: community relations.

Construction Concerns: Hole Covers

Greg Havel reviews the hazards holes present for firefighters working at construction sites and how hole covers may factor into fireground safety.

Construction Concerns: Thermal Breaks

Greg Havel looks at how building methods to reduce heat loss through and around windows may impact firefighting operations.

Fatal Fires in Residential Buildings

From 2014 to 2016 an estimated 1,800 fatal fires in residential buildings were reported to United States fire departments each year.

London's Grenfell High-Rise Fire Anniversary

One year ago, the residential high-rise was destroyed by a fire that killed 72 people. It was the greatest loss of life in a fire on British soil since World War II, a horror that left the neighborhood and the country in shock.

From The Ground Up

Eric Bachman offers another case study of how fire departments working in concert with developers can help with preplanning efforts and better ensure effective emergency response.

Building Construction Review

Nick Salameh reviews some of the fundamentals of identifying building construction for firefighters.

Fire and Guns

Jim Crawford looks at mass casualty shooting incidents and the challenges first responders face when it comes to the possibility of fire alarms being pulled for a reason other than fire.

Construction Concerns: Galvanic Corrosion

"Galvanic corrosion" is damage caused when two dissimilar metals are joined in the presence of an electrolyte. Greg Havel on how this phenomenon can affect building construction and firefighting operations.

Banners Wrap Charred Remains of London High-Rise

Banners were wrapped Thursday on top of the charred remains of Britain's Grenfell Tower amid preparations to solemnly mark the anniversary of the 2017 blaze that left 72 people dead.

NVFC Opposes Smoke Alarm Installation Skills Added to NFPA 1001

To be clear, the NVFC strongly supports and actively promotes CRR. We simply do not believe that the proposed language is appropriate for the NFPA 1001 document, which identifies minimum job performance requirements (JPRs) for career and volunteer structural firefighters.

Five Children Killed in Missouri Mobile Home Fire

State trooper and civilians tried to rescue children in the fire in Lebanon.

Race Raised in London Fatal High-Rise Fire Inquiry

The inquiry into Britain's Grenfell Tower fire should consider whether racism contributed to the deaths of 72 people in the blaze, a lawyer for survivors said Tuesday.

Residents in London High-Rise Fire Wrongly Told to Stay Inside

Residents of London's Grenfell Tower were wrongly told to stay in their apartments as fire raged through the high-rise building nearly a year ago, aided by flammable external cladding and a host of fire-safety failings, an expert report said Monday.

Probe of Deadly London High-Rise Fire Aims to Answer ‘Why?’

The inquiry is one of the biggest ever held in Britain, involving dozens of lawyers representing more than 500 "core participants," including residents of the tower.

One Fire Service family

Over the past year, I’ve been contributing to the Stop Believing Start Knowing (SBSK) blog, a professional firefighter page dedicated to helping firefighters learn and understand modern fire attack principles based on the modern fire dynamics science studies provided through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Apparatus Deliveries

The Truckee Meadows (NV) Fire Protection District transitions from urban to rural to wildland interface areas. Battalion Chief Jay Cwiak says the department’s two tankers, built by MIDWEST FIRE TANKER, are designed to perform initial attack, pump-and-roll, nurse pumping, and shuttling activities.

When 911 Isn’t Enough

The quality of life follow-up program at Minnetonka Fire is designed to fill this gap by identifying high-risk repeat call individuals and providing them with resources.

Survivor Tributes from Grenfell Tower Inferno

Elgwahry's account of what happened on June 14 was just one of the stories that gripped London over the past two weeks as friends and family members of the 72 victims of the Grenfell Tower inferno offered tributes during the first phase of a public inquiry.

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