FireEMS Blogs: Mansion Fire, Investigating and Haters

FireEMS Blogs: Mansion Fire, Investigating and Haters


Deputy Chief Mayers of the blog ‘Firehouse Zen’ has been following the news and comments regarding the Maryland mansion fire. His latest post picks up on some of those comments as well as the view social media brings to such stories,

“As you are well aware, there was an extraordinarily tragic fire this week in Annapolis, MD* where it appears six people- two grandparents and four of their grandchildren- may have died in the blaze.  This incident has also gotten a significant amount of media attention, from CNN; CBS via WUSA; and any number of other conventional media outlets. Understandably, there are the questions: “Why so much emphasis on this fire?” “If this were a middle class family would they have this much attention?” and on and on.”

“Thankfully, someone at Anne Arundel 1st Alert wrote an excellent Facebook article that tried to explain some of the investigative issues. But of course, since social media makes everyone an expert, logic and reason are never sufficient. As The Haters began chiming in, some of the comments were not surprisingly, pretty callous. This is not going to be an easy scene to process, between the size, the complexity, and the fact that there are presumably lost souls in the debris.  At this moment, five have been found and there is a sixth missing.  But for individuals to speculate that the investigation is more than just an investigation at this time, frankly, is pretty presumptuous. It would really be nice if The Haters considered for a few moments that instead of trying to be the first to make a snarky comment about how “suspicious” the event is, they considered the feelings of families, friends, and neighbors that are trying to deal with this disaster first.”

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