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Wheeled Coach® Names Banner Fire Equipment, Inc. As Exclusive Dealer for OK

Banner Fire Equipment is now authorized to sell, service and provide coverage for the complete line of Wheeled Coach ambulances.
EMSA Trucks

Oklahoma City Fire Department Medics Authorized to Transport Patients

EMSA said Oklahoma City Fire Department medics will be authorized to transport patients suffering heart attacks and other related symptoms.

Fireground Basic Size-Up for the First-Due Engine

Your size-up should be a methodical, quick, and to-the-point evaluation of what you see, what you’re going to do, and possibly what you need.

Thermal Imaging in RIT

A TI is a valuable tool for many applications and should not be overlooked when RIT operations are needed on the fire scene.

Using Your Senses

By many, sight is perceived as the most precious of the senses. It enables us to process information quickly and often without even being consciously aware.

Thermal Imaging and Medical Emergencies

Using the TI for Medical Emergencies By Manfred Kihn I recently had the privilege of training firefighters in South America, which inspired me to write this...

Engine Company as the “Truck” in the Volunteer Fire Service

As the incident commander, you must assign an incoming engine as the “truck” because truck jobs still need to be completed.

The Art of Firefighting: Six Calamities

These calamities are not mere accidents. They are the direct results of poor leadership. 

Wildland Applications for Thermal Imaging

Understand how you can use a TIC during a wildfire response; then practice with it on a regular basis to improve your personal safety as well as your team’s effectiveness.

Using Thermal Imaging in Volunteer Departments

I know of a volunteer fire department where an elderly lady walked into the fire station and asked the firefighters what they could use.


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