West Virginia Fire Department Shut Down after Failed Evaluation

Chesapeake Volunteer Fire Department closed until corrections are made

(Chesapeake Volunteer Fire Department)

FirefighterNation Staff

CHESAPEAKE, West Virginia — WOWK reported that the West Virginia State Fire Marshal’s Office has closed the Chesapeake Volunteer Fire Department after the department failed several administrative and equipment evaluations.

A letter from the fire marshal’s office listed a total of 42 errors found in department paperwork, equipment used to fight fires and render first aid, and apparatus.

Among them are:

  • Chief needs to produce Fire Officer 1 -2 certificates
  • Apparatus maintenance records not available
  • SCBA past due for inspection, testing, and maintenance
  • Members needing CPR/First Aid training
  • Empty SCBA bottles on fire engine
  • Throttle on pump panel not working on fire engine
  • Generator not working on fire engine
  • Tank fill lights not working on fire engine
  • No low beam headlight and no siren on tanker

Read the letter from the State Fire Marshal’s Office

The letter states that the department cannot reopen until all corrections have been made and the department passes a re-evaluation.

WOWK said that neighboring fire departments will be responding to calls in Chesapeake.

The Chesapeake Volunteer Fire Department and the Chesapeake Town Hall did not respond to WOWK’s request for comments.

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