Videos: New Jersey Marcal Paper Factory Fire

Skyler Fire – Massive 10-plus alarm infernoengulfs historic Marcal Paper factory with collapse in Elmwood Park, New Jersey in 6-degree temperatures.

FDNY Response Videos – NJ | Bergen | Elmwood Park | 35 Market St @ Marcal Paper | 3rd Alarm | FD O/S reporting a heavy smoke condition, appears to be 3 buildings involved. 2nd alarm transmitted on arrival. Now being upgraded to a 3rd alarm.

THEMAJESTIRIUM1 – Here you will see a massive 10-alarm fire completely destroy the historic Marcal Paper factory in the Elmwood Park area of New Jersey.

tornaodchaser66 – Iconic Marcal Paper factory destroyed in an inferno. Elmwood Park, NJ January 30.

JeffStang Fire Photography – Historic Marcal Paper factory inferno with collapse. Elmwood Park, NJ 1-30-19


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