Toledo Councilman Complains About Fire Response, Thinking Firehouse Nearby

Councilman thought administrative building had firefighters

(WTVG, YouTube)

FirefighterNation Staff

TOLEDO, Ohio — WTVG reports that Toledo city councilman Larry Sykes’ Facebook post of an injured person led to Sykes thinking the administrative building across the street was a firehouse.

Toledo city councilman Larry Sykes posted photos, now removed, to his Facebook page of firefighters responding for a woman in a wheelchair who had fallen.

In the post Councilman Sykes complained that it took firefighters three minutes to respond, thinking they were across the street from the incident.

Video of the incident is on Sykes’ Facebook page.

Toledo Fire Department Chief Brian Byrd explained to WTVG that the building across the street from the incident is an administrative building and has been for over 20 years.

Chief Byrd told WTVG “People are out here trying to do a good job every day, and it’s very frustrating for us especially when we have other people who represent the city who are putting misinformation out there.”

Councilman Sykes stated that he hoped to have the Fire Station One sign removed from the building and apologized.

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