Saving Photos Gives Tennessee Man a New Appreciation of Firefighters

(Cocke County Fire Department, Facebook)

Cocke County firefighter saves memories during house fire

FirefighterNation Staff

NEWPORT, Tennessee – Firefighters in Cocke County were not able to save the home but did save family memories during a fire in Newport on Wednesday last week, according to WVLT.

Joe Shults’ home on Judd Lane belonged to his mother who had died earlier this year. Several family photos were still inside the home when the fire occurred.

“Our job is to save life and property,” Firefighter Cody Keys told WVLT.

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Keys said he nearly stepped on the photos while fighting the fire.

They included photos of Joe Shults’ son, Evan, who had died years earlier.

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Joe said he has a renewed appreciation for what firefighters do after seeing the care they put into not only fighting the fire but saving as many memories it could.

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