Retired FDNY Rescue 3 Firefighter Dies from 9/11-Related Cancer

Daniel Foley spent days looking for his brother and other victims

Daniel Foley (WABC, YouTube)

FirefighterNation Staff

NEW YORK — The FDNY has announced that retired firefighter Daniel Foley died from a 9/11-related illness.

WABC and CBS New York reported that Foley died on Saturday from pancreatic cancer related to rescue efforts at Ground Zero.

Foley and his brother Thomas both responded to the World Trade Center on the day of the terrorist attacks.

Thomas died that day in the line of duty.

Rescue Company 3 lieutenant Michael Conboy said that Danny spent days working in the rubble, breathing in the fumes and toxic chemicals, to locate his brother.

Danny located Tommy on his eleventh day of working at the site.

Lieutenant Conboy said that Danny could have stopped after finding his brother’s body, but instead he continued to work with the company to locate other victims until the last day in May 2002.

Over 200 members of the FDNY have died due to illnesses related to their work on the day of the attack or in the immediate aftermath,

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