Ready Rack Releases Extractor 30

In recent years, the focus has shifted to the risk and mitigation of cancer-causing carcinogens within the firefighting community. With regular exposure to toxins and an increase in cancer rates among firefighters, departments are searching for the best ways to reduce their risk. One way to reduce the risk and exposure to cancer causing carcinogens is the proper care and maintenance of PPE.

Ready Rack announced a heavy-duty addition to their product line that aims at promoting the health and well-being of the firefighting community. Ready Rack believes stations with large teams need to be able to quickly decontaminate their gear for the next job. The new Extractor 30 is a great tool to help mid- to large-size fire departments clean and care for their PPE. The EW30 is available for purchase now with anticipated available ship date of January 2nd, 2020.

The Extractor 30 is designed to follow current NFPA 1851 guidelines. It’s front-load capability and 30-lb drum make it a great option for washing three to four sets of gear. Additionally, the Extractor 30 wash cycles are user friendly and specific to the firefighting industry. With wash cycles such as “outer shells” and “liners,” the Extractor 30 has been engineered to be simple and straightforward and to get the job done. The Extractor 30 boasts other station-friendly features such as a soft-mount design, standard water hookups, and 120v electrical, and is compatible with automatic soap dispensers.

Ready Rack by Groves Incorporated is proud to serve the heroes of the firefighting community and will continue to innovate with adding more products to their line. The company works to improve the health and lifestyle of our firefighters while keeping them safe to fight another day.

Learn more about Ready Rack today on to better prepare for tomorrow.

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