President Trump Honors Fallen Porterville Firefighters

President pays respect to firefighters at Bakersfield event

President Donald Trump honored the two firefighters killed in the Porterville city library fire. (ABC30)

FirefighterNation Staff

BAKERSFIELD, California – President Donald Trump took time on Wednesday to honor two California firefighters killed in the line of duty this week.

ABC30 reported that President Trump was speaking to farmers at an event in Bakersfield when he took time to speak about two Porterville firefighters killed in a fire on Wednesday.

“I heard they were two great people, people with incredible families and I just want to pay my respects to their families and friends,” President Trump said. “It’s a tough job, we just met some of the firemen backstage, it’s a tough and dangerous job. And the country respects that profession very much… and you can add the words ‘law enforcement’ to that group.”

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