Patient Turns Violent Inside Houston Ambulance

HOUSTON (Houston Chronicle) – A firefighter was injured Monday night after a patient in the back of an ambulance became violent along Interstate 45.

The incident happened about 10 p.m. in the 5800 block of the Gulf Freeway, said District Chief C. Chavez of the Houston Police Department.

Chavez said paramedics picked up a man and were driving him to the hospital when he became agitated and violent with the firefighter who was in the back of the ambulance with him.

“The patient became violent all of a sudden,” Chavez said.

The driver pulled over and the two firefighters contained the man until police arrived.

The firefighter who was in the back of the ambulance with the patient ended up with a broken bone during the man’s violent outburst. He was taken to a nearby hospital. Details of his injury and condition were not released, but Chavez said he had a minor injury and would be fine.

The patient will likely be charged in the case.

No information was released about why paramedics initially picked up the man.



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