OnScene Solutions Adds Color-Changing LED Compartment Lights to Its Lineup

WINDSOR, Colo. – Sept. 14, 2020 – OnScene Solutions, a leading manufacturer of cargo slides, LED lighting and apparatus solutions in the fire and emergency vehicle industry, has added color-changing compartment lights to its product lineup. These lights are available in blue/white, red/white or green/white combination in the popular 12V Access Series.

“We know each scene has its own demands, so we wanted to create a compartment light that allows crews to choose between two colors for their needs,” OnScene Solutions General Manager Clay Horst said. “And even better, our fixture allows departments to transition back to a traditional white when the scene is better suited for that light. Take for instance the red/white combo … the red provides great night vision lighting, but if a responder is trying to read a map, colors like magenta are not readable. That’s where this light can make a world of difference.”

Studies have shown that using colored lights can aid in night vision. When eyes are exposed to bright lights at night, the light breaks down the eyes’ rhodopsin, a light-sensitive protein that activates the retina’s rod cells, which aid in night vision. Red light has shown to break down rhodopsin more slowly, while green or blue light penetrates better for more detail and color differentiation, good for close-up clarity and long-distant viewing. Blue LEDs are often the favorite hue for map reading, and it’s also the only light that can cut through fog.

“Based on the varying color benefits, departments can opt for the color they believe will best serve most of their scenes, all the while knowing they can revert back to white when needed,” Horst explained.

The Access Series delivers 400 lumens for every 18” of light, an abundance of output at an economical cost – and all backed by a five-year warranty. The lights feature a water-proof polycarbonate enclosure designed for mounting in nearly any location, and these linear tube lights are available in lengths from 6” to 72”.

OnScene Solutions is one of the leading LED light suppliers to OEMs in the fire service, and this color-changing compartment light joins OnScene’s array of other apparatus lighting solutions, including light bezels and color-changing in-cab lights. To learn more about OnScene’s new color-changing LED compartment lights, visit onscenesolutions.com/led-cargo-lights.

About OnScene Solutions

OnScene Solutions is a cutting-edge manufacturer of innovative products designed for the fire truck and emergency vehicle industry. The company, located in Colorado, works with truck builders, ambulance manufacturers and vehicle up-fitters to create on scene solutions that aid in the response of today’s crews. Among its products, OnScene manufactures heavy-duty cargo slides, versatile LED lighting systems and essential mounts, straps, rails and fixtures – all designed with ease and durability in mind. To learn more about OnScene Solutions, visit www.onscenesolutions.com.

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