Oklahoma City Firefighters Using SCBA on COVID-19-Related Calls

SCBA used due to limited supply of
N95 masks

(Oklahoma City Fire Department, YouTube)

FirefighterNation Staff

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma — Firefighters in Oklahoma City will now be using SCBA to protect themselves on virus-related calls.

Battalion Chief Benny A. Fulkerson told KFOR that the SCBA use was a backup plan due to the limited supply of N95 masks across the country.

Chief Fulkerson said that the department has the N95 masks but expects the supply could be depleted and the pandemic progresses.  Use of SCBA was presented in two points and in a YouTube video:

  • An SCBA is the best respiratory protection available for firefighters. This is why they are used in toxic environments such as structure fires.
  • We will not be unnecessarily depleting an already scarce supply of N95 masks which emergency responders and healthcare providers across the nation all need.

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