Most Read: April 2021

A look at some of the most read articles in April 2021.

A look at some of what was read the most in April

FirefighterNation Staff

No.1 NIOSH: Massachusetts Firefighter Dies, Disoriented in Apartment Fire

Firefighters have the haul system hooked onto the Ladder 4 (L403) firefighter’s SCBA harness. They would lift L403 out of the window, onto the 16-foot ground ladder, and then lower the firefighter to the ground. The time was approximately 0545 hours. (NIOSH/Paul Shea photo)

At 0402 hours, Engine 5 arrived on scene with smoke showing from underneath the front porch. Engine 5 reported a working fire. Ladder 4 reported on scene at 0403 hours. Ladder 4 advised smoke was showing, and they were investigating. READ MORE

No.2 Famed Boston Fire Commissioner, Chief Leo Stapleton Passes Away

Leo Stapleton was a member of the Boston Fire Department for forty years, serving as both Commissioner and Chief of Department during the last seven. READ MORE

No.3 Detroit Firefighters Find Baby Left Inside Burning House

A baby was rescued from inside a Detroit house fire after adults failed to mention child was inside. (WDIV, YouTube)

Detroit Fire Fighter LaVaughn Williams said it was a surprise to find the young girl inside her crib. Authorities said not one person who got out of the home told fire crews there was a baby inside. READ MORE

No.4 Porterville, CA Releases Report on Double LODD Blaze

Inside First Floor — Fire Located in Charlie/Delta Corner. (Porterville Fire Department photo)

On February 18th, 2020, a fire occurred in the City of Porterville Public Library. During the initial minutes of fire department operations, while searching for a reported victim, two members of the first arriving engine company became disoriented and tragically lost their lives in the line of duty. READ MORE

No.5 Revived Overdose Patient Threatens Houston Firefighters with Rifle

(Houston Fire Department)

When the man came to he reportedly became agitated and threatened the firefighters with a rifle. There were no details provided on how the man specifically had retrieved the firearm. READ MORE

No.6 Hey, Chief, Are We Training Them for Failure?

(FETC Services photo)

One of the biggest challenges for any professional educator is how to stay up to date with the latest ways to engage and motivate fire service students for positive behavioral modification. Most of us understand that one size fits all training, in the fire service doesn’t engage everybody. But, is it bigger than that? READ MORE

No.7 2020 On-Duty Firefighting Deaths in Detail

Interior firefighting fatalities ranked low in activity types for 2020. In-Station Duties, EMS/Patient Care, and Other were the top three largely due to deaths related to the pandemic and deaths from heart attack, cardiac arrest, and stroke. READ MORE

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