Mobile Fire Rescue Responds to Criticism of Firefighter in Video

Department spokesperson challenges critics to join the department

(NBC 15, YouTube)

FirefighterNation Staff

MOBILE, Alabama — The Mobile Fire Rescue Department is responding to social media critics about their reaction to a firefighter in the rescue video WPMI/NBC 15 News captured on Wednesday.

The video shows neighbor Quinn Parrish pull a woman out of her burning apartment Wednesday while a firefighter was preparing to do the same.

FirefighterNation: Bystander Rescues Woman in Mobile Apartment Fire

WPMI reports that the video has been shared thousands of times on social media.

“Unfortunately, it has prompted many keyboard warriors to blast a Mobile firefighter who is seen in the video adjusting his gear as Parrish sprang into action,” wrote reporter Andrea Ramey.

Mobile Fire-Rescue responded to the criticism by explaining to Ramey what happened.

“He was masking up, turning on his air bottle and searching for his regulator to go on air so that he could actually go in and get her out,” Mobile Fire-Rescue spokesperson Steven Millhouse told WPMI.

Millhouse said the firefighter attempted to pull her out but couldn’t.

The woman, in her distress, knocked the firefighter’s facepiece off.

Millhouse said the firefighter was adjusting his gear and preparing to go in to rescue her.

Ramey asked Millhouse what his response is for those who are critical of the firefighter in the video.

“You’re not in the situation with flames all around you and a life on the line. If you think you can do a better job, or you think you can do the job, we’re absolutely accepting applications,” said Millhouse.

The condition of the woman who was rescued is unknown.

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