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USFA: Alabama On-Duty Death

Downs contracted COVID-19 while at mandatory training.

USFA: Wisconsin On-Duty Death

Fire Inspector contracted COVID-19 during inspections.

USFA: Texas On-Duty Death

Fort Worth captain dies from COVID-19.

USFA: Illinois On-Duty Death

To date, 84 firefighter fatalities have been reported to USFA in 2020.

USFA: Kentucky On-Duty Death

Fire chief contracted COVID-19 from a fellow firefighter.

USFA: New York On-Duty Death

He was found deceased from an apparent heart attack the next morning.

USFA: Washington On-Duty Death

Basso was driving in the downtown area of Kalama when his vehicle collided with several parked vehicles.

Heart Attack Claims Washington Firefighter

Basso, 59, died of a heart attack about four hours after responding to two medical emergency calls.

USFA: Indiana On-Duty Death

Harrison Township firefighter suffered a heart attack.

USFA: Missouri On-Duty Death

While on-duty, Captain Robert “Bobby” Rocha contracted COVID-19 from a patient with a known case of COVID-19.


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