Florida Commissioner Proposes Injecting First Responders to Create COVID-19 Antibody

Miami Beach official suggested first responders take one for the team

Miami Beach Commissioner Ricky Arriola

FirefighterNation Staff

MIAMI BEACH, Florida — A Miami Beach elected official proposed a bold strategy during an emergency meeting about the COVID-19 virus last week, according to Miami New Times.

Miami Beach Commissioner Ricky Arriola proposed infecting first responders with the virus to develop antibodies.

“Might we start thinking about, it’s dangerous but bold, our first responders voluntarily taking one for the team, going through the two weeks, and then developing the immunity?” Commissioner Arriola asked according to the New Times.

Arriola expressed his thought after Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber stated concern about the city’s first responders unknowingly spreading the virus.

His idea has sparked backlash on social media.

The New Times spoke by phone with Arriola who defended his idea.

He emphasized that was a suggestion and he would not want it done without the endorsement of scientific and medical authorities.

Arriola said he was worried about the possibility of all of the city’s first responders being exposed or contracting the virus.

Arriola also said that he would also volunteer to contract the virus in his suggestion.

There is no definitive answer as to COVID-19 exposure and immunity.

Arriola’s comments from the meeting, courtesy of Miami News Times,

Are there any doctors in the audience? (silence) I don’t know. ‘Cause I’ve reached out to a couple of doctor friends to confirm. I don’t know yet, but I’ve been trying to research and no one’s answered the question: Do you develop – once you have the coronavirus, assuming you make it through – do you have immunity? Some doctors have told me yes.

To the extent that that is true, might we start thinking about – it’s dangerous but bold – it’s like a chickenpox, thank you, with our first responders voluntarily taking one for the team, going through the two weeks – guys, we’ve got to be serious about this – and then developing the immunity? … It is our job to think boldly, and we’ve got to start thinking about this.

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