Firefighters Rescue Seniors in Detroit Apartment Fire

Fire burns residential complex for the elderly

Amber Ainsworth, Larry Spruill, WDIV with permission

DETROIT (WDIV) – Crews rushed in Monday to rescue residents of a three-story, 54-unit building senior apartment complex as it burned on Detroit’s east side.

Officials believe Rev. Ann Johnson Elderly Apartments on Mack Avenue, near Gray Street, is a total loss after it burned for hours.

“It wasn’t that big, but when that wind started blowing it just spread,” Christopher Davis said.

Davis was walking to the store when he saw the fire. It quickly spread and engulfed the building.

“They opened up the front door and the whole front just blew up,” Willie Cowan said. “The front chairs were burning. I don’t know how they got the chairs burning, but the chairs were burning.”

There were fears that not everyone made it out of the building, but on Tuesday it was confirmed everyone is OK.

Cowan was watching TV when he heard a neighbor scream for him to get out.

City buses were on the scene to take the residents somewhere safe, away from the burning building.

Four tenants, two police officers and a firefighter were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

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