Firefighters Burned in Los Angeles Blaze Share Recovery Stories

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Firefighters talk about being engulfed in fireball

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LOS ANGELES – Nearly three months after a massive explosion engulfed them on top of a ladder and while they battled the fire, injured Los Angeles firefighters have shared stories of what happened and their recovery with CBS Los Angeles.

“It was just chaos,” Ian Soriano said. “It looked like a war zone.”

“We started bailing from the roof, down our aerial ladder, and pretty much at that point it sounded like a 747 was flying over our heads,”

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Stephen Osterberg suffered some of the worst injuries, third-degree burns over 30% of his body.

“We were kind of laying on the ground crawling out, so everything on the front didn’t get burned, because we were laying down,” he told CBS Los Angeles. “But the majority of my body on the back, and arms and hands, are kind of burned up.”

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