FDNY Widow Calls for Film Set Changes

Davidson’s husband died in a fire in a Harlem movie set

FirefighterNation Staff

GARDEN CITY, New York – The widow of an FDNY firefighter killed fighting a blaze in Harlem has begun the movement to have the city pass legislation regarding movie sets and building codes.

Eileen Davidson, the wife of Firefighter Michael Davidson told WABC that there are no laws governing changes to buildings during filming.

Davidson’s husband was killed in a fire in Harlem on March 22, 2018.

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The fire building, a brownstone apartment building, was being used for the filming of the Edward Norton movie “Motherless in Brooklyn.”

Firefighter Davidson, 37, became separated from his company while fighting a fire in the basement of the brownstone.

His wife filed a lawsuit against the city claiming that inspections were done, and permits issued even though violations were known.  She told WABC “the city was aware of alterations in the premises, the inoperability of the sprinkler system and the addition of flammable and combustible materials to the premises as a result of the movie production.”

The legislation being proposed will require a film company to have the set inspected and cleared before any filming can begin. 

It will also propose having a fire safety director on the set around the clock to protect against any potential violations.

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