X2 All-Natural Energy to Fuel FDIC International 2019 as Official Energy Drink Partner

X2 All-Natural Energy

FDIC International, the world’s largest annual firefighter conference and exhibition that hosts 34,000+ fire and rescue professionals, is happening April 8th through 13th, and X2 All-Natural Energy announced that it will serve as the Official Energy Drink of FDIC International.

X2’s unique formula makes it the perfect better-for-you energy drink to fuel firefighters, who need a healthy boost of energy without any of the crash or jitters often caused by other products. An all-natural energy drink that’s low in sugar, non-carbonated and includes coconut water for hydration, X2 is designed for every-day, healthy living.

Backed by over 10 years of research and development, X2 features a unique formulation of critical ingredients that supports the development of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), the body’s essential source of real energy. X2 uses caffeine from green tea and a combination of proprietary fast and slow burning sugars to deliver healthy, sustained energy.

FDIC participants will be treated to cans of X2 Energy at events happening throughout the conference, such as the Combat Challenge, the Courage and Valor 5K, and the South Street Exhibition, where other main events take place, including hands-on training, where firefighters will be able to experience fire simulations.

“Firefighters expend a tremendous amount of energy in the line of duty,” said Jon London, X2 CMO. “X2 provides a great way for them to get energized naturally and stay hydrated. We are proud to be a small part of their daily routine, fueling the incredibly important life-saving work that firefighters do in communities across the United States.”

Visit www.x2energy.com for more information.

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