Emergency Reporting Releases Guide to Help Fire Chiefs Prepare for ISO Audit and Improve their Department’s ISO Rating

Bellingham, WA  — Emergency Reporting (ER), a leader in cloud-based Fire and EMS records management, has released a new white paper titled, “Improving Your ISO Score with Fire/EMS Records Management Software,” that explains how fire departments can use records management software (RMS) like Emergency Reporting to prepare for an upcoming ISO audit and even improve their ISO rating. 

The free white paper features Administration Major David Richardson of Midwest City Fire Department in Oklahoma, who led his department through three ISO audits and successfully used ER to achieve a top ISO Class 1 each time. Not only has Major Richardson led his department through several successful audits, but he was also an ISO rep for seven years prior to working in the fire service. He offers his expertise on ISO audits and experience with the ER system throughout the report. 

“Improving Your ISO Score with Fire/EMS Records Management Software” covers the basics of the ISO Public Protection Survey and how the rating scale works, the four areas that ISO grades departments on, and the specific ER reports or data that will be useful. It also covers goals and advice for how to prepare, and the twelve ER modules that Major Richardson says Midwest City FD uses every single day. 

Whether an agency has been through several ISO audits or has not had one yet, this white paper offers valuable advice and tips that will come in handy the next time ISO comes to town. To read about another fire department that successfully used ER to prepare for an ISO visit, download the Beaver Lake Fire Department case study here.


About Emergency Reporting  

Emergency Reporting (ER) offers a cloud-based records management software (RMS) solution to Fire/EMS agencies worldwide. Founded in 2003, ER empowers first responders with secure, easy-to-use station management tools that offer one-report filing of NFIRS and NEMSIS data. ER’s SaaS solution allows Fire/EMS departments to run their entire operations efficiently, enhancing both firefighter and citizen safety. The company’s training and support teams, with 220+ years of combined Fire & EMS experience, help ER maintain its reputation as the most friendly and easy-to-use RMS solution on the market. ER is proud to support more than 454,000 first responders and agency personnel at more than 6,140 agencies, continuously adding an average of 18 new agencies each week. Current customers include Fire/Rescue and EMS agencies and DoD/military installations, as well as large entities with self-contained Fire/EMS services such as NASA, nuclear power plants, hospitals, and oil refineries. For more information, visit www.emergencyreporting.com


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