Buffalo (NY) Firefighter Fights Dismissal Over Medical Marijuana Use

Scott Martin's medical marijuana use resulted in his termination from the Buffalo Fire Department. He's fighting to get his job back.

Scott Martin was a Buffalo firefighter and a medical marijuana user, and that put him in his current situation. The 37-year-old Air Force veteran has been fired by the fire department for twice failing a drug test, the result of his Cannabis use.

Martin is appealing to the state court to overturn his firing, WIVB reports. He argues medical marijuana, which he uses legally under a doctor’s prescription to treat back pains and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, should not be treated as an illegal drug under the department’s drug policy.

The city, so far, defends its decision to fire Martin earlier this year as necessary to ensure every firefighter is fit for duty.

For more, visit WIVB.

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