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Flight 93 Families Hope Heroism Award Keeps Story Alive

In a 2019 survey of teachers and how they teach the subject, Stoddard heard many say they were seeing an increase in students repeating conspiracy theories about Sept. 11 in class.

Seven Dead in Colorado Birthday Party Murder, Suicide

A gunman walked into a birthday party in Colorado Springs and opened fire before killing himself.

Three Dead, Two Hurt in Maryland Shooting, Townhouse Fire

Officers found an armed male outside and shot him. Authorities then began fighting a fire that started in a townhouse and spread to two others.

Three Injured in Idaho Middle School Shooting

“Today we had the worst nightmare a school district could encounter. We had a school shooting here at Rigby Middle School,”

Four Dead When Plane Crashes into Mississippi Home

A small plane crashed into a Mississippi home, killing one of the home's four occupants and three Texas residents.

Water Rescues in Alabama as Storms Drench South

Storms spawn tornadoes and flooding from Texas to Virginia.

Mexico City Metro Overpass Collapse: At Least 20 Dead, 70 Injured

Rescuers search through wreckage of a passenger train overpass collapse onto a busy boulevard in Mexico City.

3D Printing Moves into Residential Construction

In Mighty Buildings’ factory warehouse in Oakland, Calif., a 3D printer deposits thin layers of a stone-like material that quickly hardens under ultraviolet light and resists fire and water.

North Carolina Firefighter Wounded, Trying to Rescue Deputies in Fatal Standoff

A Boone Police officer, a Boone firefighter and an Appalachian State University police officer were shot at during an initial attempt to rescue the deputies.

California Man Held for Allegedly Starting Deadly Wildfire

A man charged with killing a woman in Northern California was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of setting a fire to cover up the crime that spread and killed two other people.


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