Akron Brass Announces Space-Saving, Lightweight Electric Valve Actuator

Wooster, OH–Akron Brass has launched a new electric valve actuator, which is 34percent smaller and 68 percent lighter than its previous model.

“Space is at a premium in fire trucks, so our customers requested a more compact and lightweight electric valve actuator to meet that need. We met the challenge of developing a new electric valve actuator. By applying the technical expertise we have achieved during 30+ years of manufacturing heavy-duty Swing-Outâ„¢ Valves and fire apparatus for 60+ years,” said Jason Riggenbach, global product manager at Akron Brass.

The new actuator is rugged, accurate, and reliable and survived 25 destructive tests. The new actuator also features manual override from two sides, making it easy to install on a truck. The new actuator is available on 1.5- to 3.5-inch valves.

The actuator meets NFPA 1901 requirements and is patent-pending.

For more information, visit akronbrass.com/newproducts.

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