11-Year Old Dead, Firefighter Injured in Brooklyn Fire

Young girl dies in Midwood apartment fire

(NYRRT, YouTube)

FirefighterNation Staff

BROOKLYN, New York – An 11-year-old girl died, and a firefighter was seriously injured when a fire spread through an apartment building Monday night in Brooklyn.

CBS New York reports the fire started around 10:30 p.m. on the first floor on Ocean Parkway near Foster Avenue in the Midwood neighborhood.

Firefighters found 11-year-old Shirr Teved unconscious and unresponsive.

She was transported to Maimonides Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

A mayday was transmitted for a firefighter who was also seriously hurt and had to be pulled from the apartment building and is expected to recover.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

nycfire.net :

Address: 761 Ocean Pkwy off Foster Ave.

Fire throughout a 3 story 20×40 PD

Phone Alarm Box 2503 – Reporting a structural fire at Foster Ave. & Ocean Pkwy – 22:20

BD to H&L-147: Report of a person trapped – H&L-147: Still no address? – BD: Negative, just numerous calls for the intersection – 22:22

E-250: We got a 10-75 – 22:22

L-148 FAST

BD to B-48: We’re still on the phone with the caller – They say they’re trapped on the first floor back room – 22:23

B-48: Extra E&T (E-240 & TL-172)  – 22:26

BD transmitting the All Hands.

B-48: We have a 10-45 no code. – 22:27

B-48: Fire on the first floor – 2 L/S, 1 L/O – Water on the fire – 22:29

D-15: We have a Mayday transmission – FAST truck has been activated – Special call a new FAST truck (L-156F) – 22:34

D-15: Transmit a 2nd Alarm – 22:36

B-40 RUL, B-42 Safety, E-284 w/ Sat. 3

D-15: 2 L/S/O – Water on the fire – Still attempting to locate the missing member – 22:37

D-15: We have the missing member – He’s out of the building & being turned over to EMS – 22:40

D-15: Special call 2 additional trucks (L-113 & TL-114) – 22:44

D-15: Fire on the first, 2nd & 3rd floors – 4 L/S/O – AVFKD – DWH – 22:49

FC: Mixer off – 22:59

FC: The 10-45 is a code 1 – 23:00

FC: Per C-13, special call 1 additional truck (TL-153) – 23:08

FC: The 10-45 that was previously given a code 1 has been changed to a 10-45 code 2 – PWH – 23:25

FC: Special call 1 more truck. (L-168) – 23:45

FC: Per C-13, Under Control – 23:50

Duration: 1 hour & 30 min.

D-15: Corrected address is 761 Ocean Pkwy. – 00:07

E-250, 281, 255, 282, 240 s/c
L-147, 157, 148F, 172 s/c, 156F s/c
B-48, 33

2nd Alarm Maybe:
E-330, 276, 247
L-122, 101 (act. 147), 113 s/c, 114 s/c, 153 s/c, 168 s/c
B-41, 40R, 42S
E-284 w/ Sat. 3

Some Relocations:
E-224 to E-240
E-229 to E-276
E-6 to E-241
L-110 to L-148
TL-107 to TL-157
TL-161 to TL-172
TL-120 to TL-153
H&L-101 to H&L-147
B-35 to B-48

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