Fire Rescue

Personal vs. Personnel Accountability: It Starts With Me

Accountable firefighters build accountable companies. Accountable companies build accountable organizations.

How You Run Your Firehouse Is How You Run Your Fire Scene

As leaders, how we develop our firefighters will be reflected on in the future of our fire department. 

The 21st Century Instructor

“We can’t train today’s firefighters like we were trained, because the fire service we were trained for no longer exists.” 

Fire Engineering

Fire Shuts Down Service On Boston's Orange Line

A fire on the Orange Line in Medford created chaos for commuters Friday afternoon.

Amazon Joins Walmart in Claiming Tesla Solar Panel Caught Fire

Amazon said a June 2018 fire on the roof of one of its warehouses in Redlands (CA) involved a solar panel system that Tesla installed.

Amazon Fires High on G7 Leaders' Agenda

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro announced plans to send armed forces to the fires in the Amazon the day before world leaders arrive at the G7 sum...


Women in Fire Announces One-Day FDIC International 2020 Conference

With the continued growth and success of the Women in Fire (formerly iWomen) conferences at FDIC International in Indianapolis, the organization ha...

Halton: We Owe You a Ticker Tape Parade

On Thursday, April 11, 2019, at Opening Ceremony Day 2 at FDIC International 2019, FDIC Education Director Chief (Ret.) Bobby Halton addressed the ...

Aaron Fields: Comfort Is the Enemy of Growth

"Work fixes everything," said Aaron Fields of the Seattle (WA) Fire Department as he addressed the crowd at FDIC International 2019's sec...

Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment

Osgood Volunteer Fire Department Receives $250,000 to Purchase Fire Apparatus

The Gilmore and Golda Reynolds Foundation has awarded $250,000 to the Osgood Volunteer Fire Department to buy a new fire truck.

Collins (MS) Fire Apparatus Designed to Put Out Petroleum Tank Fires

The Collins Fire Department is using a new custom-built fire truck to enhance protection of petroleum tank farms and terminals.

Tiffin Fire Association (IA) Gets New Fire Apparatus

Tiffin Fire Association now has a ladder truck that can reach up to 101 feet.

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