Washington Firefighters Break Law to Save a Life

CAMAS, Wash. (KGW8 News) – Camas-Washougal firefighters said they were recently faced with the decision of saving someone’s life, or abiding by the law, a decision they blame the City of Camas for having to make. “The potential for that happening has been in place for the last 15 years,” said firefighter Adam Brice, president of IAFF Local 2444.

On Feb.14, Brice said a smoke alarm triggered an automatic response to a house fire on Prune Hill in Camas. When the engine, manned by the city standard two-person crew arrived, firefighters heard cries for help coming from the garage. By state law, there should have been three firefighters on scene before they entered the building, but there weren’t.

“There were two firefighters that entered the structure they shouldn’t have gone into,” said Brice. “But we’re firefighters and you can’t send firefighters to a fire and have someone banging on a door and expect us to just sit outside and do nothing.”


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