Under-Funding Forces California Fire Department to Limit Interior Firefighting

East Contra Costa FPD makes drastic change in operations

(East Contra Costa Fire Protection District, YouTube)

FirefighterNation Staff

EAST CONTRA COSTA, California — The East Contra Costa Fire Protection District has announced a drastic change in firefighting operations due to what it called “severe under-funding.”

In a Facebook post and press release the department stated that due to a three-station deficit resulting in firefighters being spread thin across three of its six firehouses, the district will only send firefighters inside “if human life is at risk.”

The change takes place on July 1 and will be done to keep firefighters safe and maintain extremely limited operations.

Press Release: As Fire Season Arrives, Reduction of Services Ahead for East Contra Costa Fire Protection District

“Due to severe under-funding, our firefighters are continually overrun responding to calls, maintaining required training and trying to be active in public education.  We must take necessary steps to save lives and provide the safest environment for our workforce, so firefighters are ready and able to answer the call when it comes,” ECCFPD Fire Chief Brain Helmick stated in the press release.

“These are not steps we want to take — and candidly, they may not be the last.  We may have to consider other, even more drastic measures,” Chief Helmick added.

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