Cuts Time and Cost with New Super Vac Saws

Coatesville, PA ( September 26, 2011 — is proud to announce they are now taking orders for Super Vac’s high-performance saws. Both the Super V3 Power Pro Ventilation Saw and the Super VC3 Power Pro Cutoff Saw reflect 50 years of expertise, innovation, and service in the fire industry.  Replace or upgrade your emergency saws today with the newest saws from the Super Vac ventilation specialists. Super Vac understands that every second counts during lifesaving operations and built both of these saws in response to fire and rescue demands.

At the heart of the Super V3 Power Pro Ventilation Saw is a powerful Dolmar 6.3 HP engine that turns at 13,500 RPM, making this one of the fastest and most powerful rescue saws available.  It also has a quick start compression release and an “always on” ignition for quick response and start-up.  With an unbelievable power to weight ratio this saw tackles a variety of operations with ease, including cutting through residential roofing, removing downed trees, and ripping through various wood building materials.

The teeth of this monster are made of a .404 carbide tooth chain that chisels through layers of material, taking bigger bites and moving faster through wood and layers of asphalt — just what every rescuer needs for quick rooftop operations. This saw also boasts of lateral chain tensioning for fast and easy on-the-spot adjustment.

The Airmaster Multi-Chambered Filtration System features two chambers allowing the saw to “breathe” easier. The first chamber stops larger particles before they reach to the secondary filter. The secondary filter stops the finest particles, without the risk of clogging by the larger splinters and debris. This makes SV3 the machine of choice in particle laden environments.

The full wrap around handle makes front facing and overhead operations easier, meaning faster placement of the saw and longer cuts without repositioning. Another Super Vac feature designed for maximum versatility.

This saw, available in 16” or 20” bar lengths, is  ideal for venting and rescue operations  – when you need to get the job done fast, when seconds count. The SV3 is ready to go when you are.

The Super VC3 Power Pro Cutoff Saw also answers rescue operations demand for fast and reliable cutting equipment. The rugged, light-weight engine turns an industrial diamond blade that’s voracious enough to cut through a variety of materials including residential roofing, concrete and rebar, and sheet metal.

The Dolmar high performance power cutter engine has proven dependability and features for industrial operations that make it the ideal engine.  One knob simultaneously sets both the throttle and choke to their optimum starting positions. An easy to spot color-coded button activates a compression release, reducing pull rope resistance by up to 70% – a must have on this high-output engine. The engine has an easy to grasp D-Ring handle that is perfect for use by hands protected by thick, bulky rescue gloves.

The versatile multi-position cutting arm shifts from the side to the center, giving rescue workers more choice during lifesaving operations. Ideal when cutting in confined or hard to reach spaces that may otherwise be made inaccessible by the position of the power head.

The Tiger Tooth diamond studded blade is designed by Super Vac for the fire and rescue industry eliminating the need to carry different blades for different materials. This blade cuts through residential and corrugated roofing, concrete, steel, rebar and aluminum. The blade safety shield adjusts easily without having to fumble with hard-to-grasp knobs. A water tube dust suppression system is also standard.


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