Retired Chicago Firefighter Wrongly Accused of Participating in Capitol Violence

Police officers parked outside their home for protection.
Retired Chicago Firefighter David Quintavalle (WGN 9)

People on social media wrongly accused Quintavalle

FirefighterNation Staff

CHICAGO, WGN News spoke with retired Chicago Firefighter David Quintavalle after he had been falsely accused of participating in the violence at the U.S. Capitol and fatally wounding Capitol Hill Police Officer Brian Sicknick on January 6.

People on social media began posting a video and photo of then unidentified retired Chester, Pennsylvania Firefighter Robert Sanford in the push to identify a person throwing a fire extinguisher and hitting a police officer.

At the time of the violence, Quintavalle was getting groceries and celebrating his wife’s birthday.

Robert Sanford was eventually properly identified and arrested for throwing a fire extinguisher at police officers.

Authorities say that Sanford’s act was not the one that caused the death of Officer Sicknick.

Sanford faces three felony charges including assaulting a police officer.

Meanwhile, Quintavalle received threatening messages and had to have Chicago police officers positioned outside his home for his family’s protection.

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