Q5 and Eagle Integrated Solutions work together to further enhance Airport Safety Management System (SMS) reporting

As airports continue to explore ways to support and enhance their stellar safety performance, system integration and data sharing has become more important in order to document and demonstrate that procedures and training are adding value.

Q5 Systems specializes in SMS reporting, analysis and monitoring of hazards through its web based software solution. This allows airport users to input, review and analyze their programs, track incident data and maintain a pulse of their ever changing airport environments.

Eagle Integrated Solutions (a division of Team Eagle Ltd.) provide airport operations Teams with GPS/GIS based on-the-ground tools such as airfield inspection, reporting, asset tracking, navigation and incursion management to support and improve awareness and to manage safety risks and changing conditions such as adverse weather.

Over the past 12 months, Q5 and Eagle have collaborated to share data and make the overall reporting and viewing of SMS related data easier and more meaningful to system users.

“The inclusion of ever changing airfield related data provides for a much more complete data set for Airfield Managers” states Josh Skinner, Q5’s Sales Manager. “We believe strongly that system integration with leaders in their respective areas on the airfield is very important to how our system can benefit the airports that have chosen Q5, and we are very happy to partner with Eagle”.

Both Q5 Systems and Eagle Integrated Solutions have systems in many locations in North America, including Large Hub and Regional Airports.

“In response to our customers evolving SMS reporting requirements we continue our ‘open’ strategy by partnering with progressive organizations like Q5. It is our aim to develop intuitive and powerful software systems that add value and further benefit our clients”, says Tiina Maripuu, Eagle’s Manager of Software Development. “The data sharing capabilities have already been evaluated and we look forward to deploying the integrated solution live at an airport location in the near future. “

For more information on Q5 Systems please visit — www.q5sms.aero/q5sms_airport.htm.

For more information on Eagle Integrated Solutions please visit — www.team-eagle.ca/software.

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