Pro-Tech 8 Glove Updates

Greetings from TechTrade, the makers of Pro-Tech 8 gloves!

Here’s a little update on our Pro-Tech 8 glove line:
  • Our new Wildland glove, the Pro-Tech 8 W, is in the process of being certified. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s released so you can take advantage of the new design with full glove body, debris blocker and reinforced palm and thumb crotch.
  • Our Pro-Tech 8 B.O.S.S. Lightweight Extrication/Rope glove is a hit! Therefore, we’ve decided to introduce an additional B.O.S.S model. The “All Black” version will have specially formulated high heat resistant (1000°F) fingertips and palm pads. Combined with a level 3 Kevlar cut resistant inner thumb pad, the new “All Black” B.O.S.S. glove will provide extra protection for all your multi-use needs!
Thanks again for your time and we hope to see you at one of our future shows including:
  • The South East Chiefs Show – Montgomery, Alabama – June 16-18
  • Firehouse Expo – Baltimore, Maryland – July 21-23
  • FRI – Atlanta, Georgia – August – 26-27
  • The Reno Fire Show – Reno, Nevada – October 24-16
  • Or at any Fire Fighter Combat Challenge Event:
Please visit our full glove line at:
Or you can contact us at: or 1-866-491-TECH if you have any questions.
Stay Safe!
-Pro-Tech 8, the Official Glove of the Fire Fighter Combat Challenge.-

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