Kelvin Cochran, Fire Chief Fired for Marriage Views, Rises From Ashes of Persecution

Kelvin Cochran, Administrator for the Federal Emergency Management Agency's United States Fire Administration. (FEMA/Bill Koplitz)

Kelvin Cochran started dreaming of becoming a firefighter at age 5. He lived that dream for more than 30 years until it all came crashing down in 2015. That’s when the City of Atlanta terminated him for his personal stance against same-sex marriage.

Now he’s telling his his story in a new book, Facing the Fire: The Faith That Brought America’s Fire Chief Through the Flames of Persecution. He discusses it all on The Daily Signal podcast.

“When I was fired . . . my life flashed in front of me, and God showed me he had prepared me for that moment my entire life,” he said. “To be accused of being bigoted . . . and told I’m no longer capable of leading a fire department was very hard for me.”

“It was challenging to say the least. We have the freedom to live out our faith . . . without consequences,” he said. “You shouldn’t have to lose anything for living out your faith or speaking your faith in our country.” 

Kelvin Cochran’s case ended with his termination, but he received a $1.2 million settlement from the city. You can hear the complete podcast at The Daily Signal here.

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