Innovative Equipment Mounting System Simplifies Installation of Tools & Equipment

Sensible Products of Richfield, Ohio has Developed a Universal Mounting System that Makes Organizing and Securing Tools and Equipment Easy and Practical.

Sensible Products of Richfield Ohio is pleased to announce a universal mounting system for tools and equipment in mobile and stationary applications.

The product, called the Multi-Mount Chanl Panl, was originally developed for use in Emergency Services Apparatus, and now has proven to be an asset in equipment mounting and storage in construction and work trailers, utility truck cabinets, garage and shop walls and anywhere that organization of tools and equipment is needed.

The panel allows you to slide in bolts or nuts in several channels to secure brackets, mounts or whatever you need. You will have a clean and universal surface without having to drill multiple holes for equipment mounting.

This product is simple for the installer to cut and attach to whatever surface needed. Available in 4 x 8 sheets, it can easily be cut with a battery powered skill saw and bolted in place with the appropriate fasteners.

Sensible Products is a manufacturer of brackets and unique mounting fixtures. Its owners have been using their extensive experience in fire service and engineering to find perfect solutions for their customers’ equipment mounting needs since 1985.

For more information, see the company website at, or call Sensible Products at 330.659.4212.

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