Incident Command View

(Brian Bastinelli, YouTube)

Helmet cam view of a Harrisburg fire

Brian Bastinelli

This is a fire where, secondary to a domestic dispute, a man lit several fires in the home and then jumped from the 3rd story window to the porch roof and from there to the ground before he fled the scene.

Initial reports directly from citizens involved stated a woman was on the second story, in the bedroom, on the floor and was on fire. Crews were sent to search but as you will hear, citizens came back and said she was in fact not home but at work and they had just spoken to her on the phone.

Crews made quick work of this fire by following SOPs, coordinating their actions, and carrying out their duties in an efficient manner.

Squad 8, Tower 1, Wagon 4, Truck 2, Wagon 3, Chief 7, Chief 1, Chief 2, Rescue 69, Air 13, Lifeteam EMS, HPD. D Battalion working.

This video is posted for educational purposes.

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