FL Gov: Firing Chief Over COVID Compliance ‘Inappropriate, Ridiculous, Insanity’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis came to the defense of an Orange County Fire Battalion Chief who was fired for refusing to enforce the county’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

“I think the firing was totally inappropriate. I think it’s ridiculous. And, these are people who have served our communities and they’re being tossed aside. I mean, it is illegal to do it and there’s going to be a response,” DeSantis told a news conference Wednesday according to WESH TV News.

Thursday morning DeSantis doubled down on his defense of Orange County Battalion Chief Stephen Davis, calling for a special session of the Florida legislature to pass laws that would prevent people from losing their jobs over their vaccine status.

“Your right to earn a living should not be contingent on COVID shots,” DeSantis said.

Orange County Fire Department says Davis was fired for insubordination in refusing to issue reprimands to employees who did not receive the COVID vaccine.

Davis contends the list of employees he was instructed to discipline contained inconsistencies, including the names of employees who had been vaccinated and some who claimed legitimate exemption from the vaccine mandate.

For more on the story, visit WESH’s website.

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