FDNY Honors Fallen Members from 2010

Thousands of FDNY members gathered at the Fireman’s Monument on Riverside Drive on Oct. 12, to pay tribute to the nine firefighters, paramedics and EMTs who have died in the last year.

“It’s never easy to express the love and admiration we have for the FDNY,” said Mayor Michael Bloomberg. “We will always keep your sacrifice in our hearts and minds.”

The members lost in the last year included, Firefighter Rory W. O’Flaherty, L-34; Firefighter Gary M. Valentino, E-43; Firefighter Fitzroy C. Haines, Jr., L-15; Firefighter Martin A. Hurley, E-65; Firefighter Alexander A. Lopez, L-41; EMT Howard M. Gordon, Sta. 35; Firefighter John D. Becht, L-36; Paramedic Wayne M. Miller, OMA; and Paramedic Christopher B. Natoli, BOT.

“We honor and pay tribute to the courage and selflessness of those who gave their lives in service to our city,” said Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano. “And we acknowledge the enduring legacy they have created.”

The families of those who were lost were presented with a letter of condolence.

Then thousands of members marched up Riverside Drive, past the families, to pay tribute to those who were lost.

“This is a special day that brings us together as one Department,” Chief of Department Edward Kilduff said. “It unites us in our unconditional support for the deceased members’ families, and it unites us in our commitment to be a better Department in their honor.”

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