Detroit Battalion Chief Crashes SUV, Arrested for DUI

Detroit battalion chief taken into custody for driving under the influence.
(WDIV, YouTube)

Battalion chief was missing during an earlier fire

Shawn Ley and Kayla Clarke, WDIV with permission

DETROIT (WDIV) – A Detroit fire chief’s SUV was found dangling above the Lodge Freeway at Milwaukee and Baltimore early Monday morning.

Sources told the Local 4 Defenders that the driver of the SUV was the Detroit Fire Department’s Chief 5. That chief was taken into custody on Monday. Sources said the chief was driving under the influence.

The incident began Monday morning at 2 a.m. when a call came out about a fire on Detroit’s west side at Majestic and Livernois.

Chief 5 was supposed to be at the call, he would serve as the [incident commander] of the firefighting operation. Repeated calls were made on the radio, but Chief 5 could not be reached, sources said.

Eventually, Chief 5 was found in the department’s SUV, hanging over the Lodge Freeway. He was unable to get out of the SUV. He said he was not injured.

This incident comes one week after a Detroit firefighter on the east side crashed a fire engine. The department said he was driving drunk.

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