Denver Chief Resigns, Cites Repeat of Banquet Behavior and Fresh Perspective

Chief Tade resigns after another controversial banquet

Denver Fire Chief Eric Tade (department photo)

FirefighterNation Staff

DENVER, Colorado — In a letter to the mayor, Denver Fire Chief Eric Tade resigned over a bawdy firefighters ball and hoped new leadership would provide improvement in the fire department.

The Denver Channel reports that Chief Tade offered his resignation to Mayor Michael Hancock today over a repeat of the racy ball held in 2019.

In his letter Chief Tade wrote “Strategies were implemented, and assurances were made to prevent these actions from being repeated. Unfortunately, this year’s event did not prove to live up to those expectations or mine.”

Tade offered his resignation with the hope that “new strategies and a fresh perspective” will foster improvement.

Tade told The Denver Channel that he was deeply disturbed by the inappropriate comments at the event. He said he made his disappointment known to the organizers and chose to stay since the event was honoring retiring firefighters.

Tade said he was frustrated with not making more progress on cultural issues that led to lawsuits.

Mayor Hancock said in a statement that he knew what Tade meant by “time for a new set of eyes,” he appreciated his courage and wisdom in recognizing it was time for change.

Tade will leave his position on March 16.

Letter to Hancok from Fire … by Denver7 on Scribd

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