Cutters Edge Introduces Illuminating Handles and Reflective Decals on Saws

Thomas Ruzich, President of Cutters Edge announced the addition of Illuminating handles and reflective decals to their new line of “Next Generation Technology” Fire Rescue Saws.

Ruzich stated: “In addition to the new High Performance and Low Emission engine technology, we have added reflective decals and optional “Glow-in-the-Dark” handles for all of our saws to help firefighters locate them easier in dark and smoky conditions”.

In addition to the new handles Ruzich also stated Cutters Edge has received ISO-9001 Certification for the Quality Management Systems used at their Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility in Baker City, Oregon. Meeting this standard formally recognizes Cutters Edge and its dedication to manufacturing Fire Rescue Saws using documented procedures and process control to ensure high quality and reliability for Fire Rescue personnel worldwide.

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