CommandSim and Fire Instruction partner to bring rapid dynamic simulation construction into the fire training classroom

CommandSim, an industry leader in software tools for fire and emergency services training, is proud to announce its collaboration with Fire Instruction a trusted, well-respected source in California for fire training in the San Francisco Bay Area and Central Valley. Fire Instruction instructors will apply simulation tools, such as CommandSim’s newest SimsUshare Mobile, among others, to make the training maximally relevant to each class through the use of their own buildings, structures and target hazards. 

SimsUShare Mobile is the world’s first mobile app and desktop companion for rapidly making fire training simulations using photos. The process is as simple as taking a photo and then mocking it up with smoke, fire, leaks, and explosions.

“Our training has always been very hands-on and practical, directly relevant to what our students need to take home with them“, said Capt. John F. Smith, owner and lead instructor of Fire Instruction. “With CommandSim technology like SimsUshare Mobile, we can quickly create training tuned to what our students might face, even adapt it right within the class, to help them learn from our experience.”

“CommandSim’s simulation software tools are only one piece of the puzzle regarding transferring skills from the classroom to the field,” remarked Jonathan Kaye, President of CommandSim. “The experienced instructors at Fire Instruction really are the ones to make the training come alive and be impactful.”

Capt. Smith adds “we think this new kind of approachable technology will engage the students more because it becomes personally relevant, and helps us connect with them to be sure they get what they need to know to effect rapid and accurate size-ups, fight fires and mitigate hazardous material incidents in their first-due response area.”

About Fire Instruction
Fire Instruction is an educational company that caters to California’s fire, EMS and public health services. Its primary focus is command, management and emergency medical curriculum that provide a solid foundation of professional skills and leadership education; necessary in the complex deliverance of today’s emergency services.

About CommandSim
CommandSim is an award-winning division of Equipment Simulations LLC, a technology company based in Philadelphia that creates products to help instructors use virtual simulation technology for building better leaders and teams. Its latest product is SimsUshare Mobile, enables everyone to create and use fire training simulations, not just one or two in each organization. The company also produces software for multiplayer training exercises, allowing participants to remain in their station while participating in exercises, without requiring cumbersome software installs or ‘per seat’ licenses. CommandSim software is widespread across the US and Canada, as well as powering Fire Engineering’s simulation series used by many thousands per month.


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