Command Cam: Newark, OH Structure Fire

David Decker video of a storage unit fire.
(David Decker, YouTube)

David Decker video of a storage unit fire

David Decker

Please read this information. There is a lot of information contained here that will most likely answer your questions.

On January 22, 2021 at 2358 hours NFD units were dispatched to the area of West Main Street and Union Street for a report of a building fire. While responding the dispatcher advised this was a self storage building, and the caller was reporting smoke and fire visible.

Upon arrival, a storage unit that measured 30’ x 110’ had visible fire from the roof area and several storage units. The front of the storage unit had 12 full-size storage units with roll-up doors. The rear of the storage unit had 24 half-sized storage units with metal man-doors. This required an extensive amount of saw work to gain access to the separate fire areas. The attic did not have any partitions or fire-stops.

Unfortunately I was not able to position the command car in an optimal location, requiring me to go mobile. And as per usual, I forgot to activate my helmet camera.

You will notice that a man approaches me immediately after arriving. This was a homeless man that was sleeping in one of the storage units. He reported that he was using a kerosene heater and fell asleep. He awoke to the storage unit burning.

The following equipment was on the initial assignment:
Battalion-1 with a crew of 1 (Me)
Tower-1 (105 Ft. platform) with a crew of 2
Ladder-3 (100 Ft. stick) with a crew of 3
Rescue-1 (engine/rescue) with a crew of 3
Engine-2 with a crew of 3
Engine-5 with a crew of 3
Rescue-51 (Heath FD) with a crew of 3
Medic-5 with a crew of 2

The working fire announcement brought the following additional equipment
Engine-52 (Heath FD) Crew of 2
Rescue-201 (Granville FD) Crew of 4
Medic-201 (Granville FD) Crew of 3

The fire was contained using a yard lay (2.5” line on a gated-Y) supplying two 1.75” attack lines, and one 2.5” blitz line, saving approximately 50 percent of the building and the contents. One storage unit had 20 gallons of kerosene in it that ignited, hampering extinguishing efforts.

The civilian was transported to the hospital for evaluation of minor injuries.

This video was recorded with a Motorola Z Force Droid cell phone, which limits the length of each video to about 30 minutes.

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